Athletic Products

What can OTA bring to your game?

Oshkosh Tent and Awning offers a wide variety of athletic padding and equipment for any occasion. From high jump pits to gym bags, football padding to tumbling mats, OTA has it all!


There are a variety of mats that OTA produces, from tumbling mats to stage mats, also landing mats and home-style mats. OTA can manufacture any type or size mat that a customer requires. We are able to print custom designs on any mat.

High Jump and Pole Vault Pits

Pits are designed and constructed to meet or exceed safety standards. Modular base design allows interchangeability of units to extend total pit life. A pit package consists of the Modules and Top Pad and also an All Weather Cover and a Ground Cover.

Athletic Padding

OTA manufactures goal post pads, football blocking shields, yardline markers, arm shields, agility dummies, and any size blocking dummies. We also will digitally print team logos on any Athletic Padding.

Wall Panels

Wall Panels can be used for both safety and to show team spirit. OTA manufactures wall panels of any size, corner wall panels, and U-panels to place around beams. Wall panels can be custom made, with custom cutouts for outlet and switch openings, and OTA does quality custom printing in shop.

Gym Curtains

OTA gym curtains can be manufactured in a variety of Materials. Curtains can be made to any size and color. OTA will also do installations.

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