Awnings - Residential

Grandma knew awnings were cool long before green building was talked about. Awnings can lower heat gain 50-65% through south facing windows and 72-77% through western exposures. Oshkosh Tent and Awning offers traditional awnings, retractable awnings for both windows and patios, rollup porch curtains, shade sails, and many other creative shade solutions. Estimates and consultation is always free so contact OTA now.

Why add an awning to your home or cottage?

Residential awnings add beauty, shade, and functional elegance to any home or cottage.

Enhance the architecture of your home

Accent your home's appearance with contrasting colors and patterns. Create texture and depth with varying shapes and sizes.

Add shade

Protect your patio, lanai, or deck without secluding it from the outdoors. Awnings and canopies can also be used to extend your living space over pool areas, patios, decks, or lounging areas - the possibilities are virtually endless.

Add efficiency

The American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers shows that awnings can lower heat gain 55-65% through southern facing windows and 72-77% through western exposures. The conserved energy could add up to big savings.

Protect your home interior

Your valuable flooring and furnishings are quickly faded by the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays. Awnings reduce exposure of these items to sun damage and fading.

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